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Welcome to DipTech Systems, an organization achieving new heights in dipping machinery for dip molding and dip coating.  With over 75 years of experience in medical and industrial dipping equipment, DipTech Systems is ready to meet your manufacturing challenge of higher profitability.  Dip molding has many advantages over other molding techniques, utilizing a wide array of different polymers to manufacture products such as:

bullet Gloves
bullet Implants
bullet Grips
bullet Condoms
bullet Bellows
bullet Dipped Tubing
bullet Catheters
bullet Boots
bullet Stents
bullet Cannula
bullet Balloons
bullet Probe Covers
bullet Caps
bullet Breather Bags
bullet Coated Glass

Our DIPLOMAT™ dipping unit has quickly gained popularity for both small part production and product & polymer development.  As a lab unit, it serves as an excellent tool to develop dipped goods.  As a production unit, it excels at making precision dipped and coated parts.  Our equipment can be designed for use with multiple polymer materials, such as natural rubber latex, nitrile, neoprene, polyurethane, plastisol (PVC), butyl latex, styrene butadiene, EPDM, and silicone.

DipTech supplies coating systems to apply uniform lubricious and antimicrobial coatings to medical products and conformal coatings to electronic products.  Our depth of experience includes the very best in upstream and downstream automation systems, high-efficiency ovens, slush molding systems, cast film equipment, sheeting lines, pinhole testing systems, and leak testing systems.

DipTech Systems, Inc.
4485 Crystal Parkway
PO Box 39
Kent Ohio 44240 USA

Phone: 330-673-4400
Fax:     330-673-4101

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